Welcome to Advanced Survivor! Here at Advance Survivor, you will discover that we are more than the ordinary survival retail website. We go “Beyond the Basics,” and we aim to be unique. We have over 16 years of tactical and retail experience, with the military, law enforcement and private clientele. This experience has supplied us with a distinctive knowledge base in areas of survival tactics, medical and emergency awareness and personal protection.

Advanced Survivor is dedicated to researching and providing our customers with the latest and most test-proven products available. The products that you will encounter at Advanced Survivor have been selected through a process of research, personal use and elimination. Through cooking, wearing, tasting, and testing. If you find it on our site, you will also find it in our pantries, closets, gun safes and vehicle. We purchase only the best quality for our families and we want to extend our knowledge to you, for your family as well. We hope to be prepared for any crisis and we wish the same for you. Whether you’re a novice, experienced prepper or someone who just wishes to be self reliant, we aim to provide you with the opportunity to learn from what we have learned, and conveniently purchase from one exclusive site, AdvancedSurvivor.com.

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