unopened siege Camping and being in the outdoors has been a part of me since I was able to walk. I can vividly remember family camping trips, when I was just a lad.  This really says something, because now I can’t seem to remember if I’ve brushed my teeth in the morning and have to check my toothbrush to see if it is wet.  But, point of the matter is, camping and family time leaves us with lasting memories. What stands out in my mind most about these family outings is the occasional intense odor of kerosene, radiating from the camp lantern. If you are reading this, I will take it upon myself to assume that you are interested in the simplicity and performance of LED lighting, as an alternative to the tradition fuel-powered.   Well, I have saved you some time and have done the research for you.  And what did my research uncovered, you ask?  None other than Streamlight’s newest creation, the Siege. If you’re wondering what aspect of the Siege sold me, it was the extra effort that was put into its design. So often, I review a product that convinces me that the mastermind behind it, had never experienced the product outside of production.  Not the case with the Siege.  When handling this lantern, I get the feeling that great time has been invested in assuring that this lantern will more than perform, in any situation. We have thus far referred to its camping application.  However, emergency preparedness, power outages, and bug out bags, are among its unlimited uses. Below, I have taken the liberty to list the highlights of this lantern, which attracted me:

  • Compact
  • Rugged
  • Cordless, alkaline battery-powdered (3 “D”)
  • Waterproof to 1 meter
  • Floatable
  • Incorporated D-rings on top and bottom, for hanging
  • Battery level indicator
  • Multiple illumination modes
  • White LED:
    • High               340 lumens – 30 hours
    • Medium           175 lumens – 70 hours
    • Low                 33 lumens – 295 hours
  • Red LED:
    • High                10 lumens – 235 hours
    • Flash SOS      10 lumens – 430 hours

Now, join me for a closer look, at the Streamlight Siege 3 part video review, from Advanced Survivor….

The Siege is a keeper for us, here at Advanced Survivor. We personally use the products we carry, once they have “made the cut” and I can tell you that Streamlight’s new lantern, the Siege, does precisely that. There is nothing traditional about it.

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