sorrynogasWhat would you do if disaster struck?  Tornado, flooding, hurricane, blizzard, earth quake, terrorist attack on the power grid?  What if the power was out for a week or two?  What if you lost phone service for days.  Could you communicate with family?  Could you check on elderly parents?  Would you run out of prescription medicines?  What if the gas stations didn’t have power for a week? What if your local grocery stores had no power and therefore no refrigeration or couldn’t receive food shipments? Do you have enough food to last a few day or even a few weeks? My point is simple.  Get Ready before disaster strikes.

I strongly recommend me that everyone needs to check out this article from AT&T Insider (AT&T – Get Ready for Disaster) about preparing for emergencies. After you read it, you need to take a test. Here are the questions: (1) Did you read the article and say “Man, I need to think about these things!” Or (2) did you read this article and say “Dude, that ain’t the half of it!”

First, to those of you whom fall under choice #1 – let’s talk to you. If the lights went out tomorrow…what would you do? What if they don’t come back on for say…. A week? “No problem” you say. Well, consider this, a storm hit where I live two years ago and people went three weeks without power. Do you understand what that means? You want cash from the ATM’s – sorry, they are all down – no power. You typically stop at the store to pick up dinner, or run through a drive though – sorry – they are closed too – no power. You figure you’ll jump in your car and head fifty miles down the road to where they have power, but you need gasoline – sorry, stations are closed – no power.

So, here you sit: no food, no money, no gasoline, no electricity in your home for heating, cooling, or cooking. And the power isn’t coming back on for days…maybe weeks. Think it won’t happen where you live? Live along the coast – hurricanes. Live up north- ice storms. Live in the Midwest – tornadoes. Live out west – blizzards. Live in the southwest – dust storms. How about the safe mid-atlantic where you are totally protected from natural disasters – how about a derecho – that is 80 mph straight-line wind – and that is exactly what happened here to nuke the power for three weeks.

If you and your family are not ready for such an event – get ready now! Where do you start? (1) You need food for you family. Enough to last 2-3 weeks without leaving the safety of your home. (2) You need protection – yes I mean a gun. Why? Because hungry, desperate people do stupid things – like break into your house. Don’t be a victim because you think firearms are scary or dangerous. Get training, get a firearm, and become proficient with it. (3) You need something to put in the firearm – get ammo. (4) Get a descent transistor radio so you can listen to local news and radio reports…. But… make sure it runs of batteries! And while you’re at it, get some batteries to put in it! (5) Get basic first aid supplies, toiletries, and meds. Think band-aids, Tylenol, toilet paper, and tampons. If you use an item on a regular basis – then make sure you have a little extra. And now my favorite… (6) Coffee and some way to make it. If I am going to go three weeks without power, I better have a good cup of coffee!

Now, for you folks who chose option 2, you already have the basics put away and you are ready for what may come. You also know this article from AT&T leaves out one slightly significant detail… cell towers can run on back-up power for only so long…then guess what…..all those fancy Apps and texts aren’t going to do you any good. You better have some comms! What else? You know that canned soup and peanut butter is going to get old and you better have some serious square footage to store all that stuff. That is why you have boxes full of high quality dehydrated food, like my favorite – E Foods. You also know the day is coming when you not only have to be prepared to supply your family, but the day is near when you also need to defend your family. That’s why you are skilled with your weapons and you have plenty of ammo to go around. You’re always looking to learn new skills and tweak your gear. When you think of tough times, you don’t get that queasy feeling in your stomach…not you…. You smile. Prep-On.

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