Like a lot of guys, I like a good watch. Once I find one I like, it stays on my wrist. So when I picked up one of my favorite magazines, Off Grid and found an article on useful, purpose driven watches, it caught my attention.

The standout that caught my attention was the Luminox Recon NAV SPC 8830 series. Luminox is a Swiss watch maker that offers cutting edge luminescence, in a high-performance line of watches. Luminox has introduced precision timepieces, to fit the specific needed of each elite branch of the United States Armed Forces. These timepieces are categorized in families: Sea, Air, Land and Space. Luminox is the leader of the pack in sports watches and are trusted by everyone from elite troops to survivalists.

The Luminox Recon NAV PSPC 8830 is listed as a Land model. This “Navigation Specialist” is the newest of the Recon series, and I had to have one. It was a great looking watch and it had purpose.

Features include:
• 46mm carbon reinforced polycarbonate case
• Anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal
• Tritium tubes for low-light illumination (25 year)
• Quartz based timekeeping
• Walking Speed Tachymeter
• Rotating Bezel with 24 hour scale
• 24 hour GMT hand
• Removable Compass
• Rotating Navigational Ring featured on compass
• Water resistance: 200m/660ft/20atm
• Weight of 72 grams
• Polyurethane 24mm Strap with measuring scale
• and more

Upon acquiring the watch, I contacted fellow Advanced Survivor, Blaine, who teaches Orienteering. Orienteering is defined as a family of sports that require navigational skills, using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain, and normally moving at a speed. I figured pairing Blaine up with the Recon could get interesting. We all need help in the navigation department, so I was anxious to get this endeavor going!

So, Blaine, the Recon and I met up at a local state park, which contained an official orienteering course, designed specifically for Boys Scouts to earn their orienteering merit badge. The objective of the field test was to compare the Recon to the traditional orienteering compass and bead counter.
The watch strap doubled as a measuring tool, with inscriptions of three common map scales and a chart for converting centimeters and inches. The walking speed tachymeter determined how fast we were walking. This is very useful in determining roughly how long it will take you to travel a known distance. Instead of counting your steps, you can track your time, once you have established your pace-count. When purchasing your watch, determine if you are interested in measuring distance in miles or kilometers, and select your model accordingly.

The Luminox Recon NAV SPC 8830 was able to navigate through unknown terrain, with ease and simplicity. Blaine, our orienteering specialist who started this adventure as a skeptic, referred to the Recon as “The Real Deal.” He also noted the convenience of carrying these instrumentations daily, on your wrist. As a survivalist, you may encounter a situation, in your daily circumstances where you didn’t predict needing such tools. With the Recon, you are never without. As long as you are equipped with the Recon, the proper map and some basic orienteering skills, you could establish a heading, determine your length of route, and predict and pace your walking speed.

After completing the field test, I was so impressed with the watch, that I now wear my Recon daily. I also requested that my contact, Tom at Joyce’s Jewelry of Morgantown, WV, contact Luminox and acquire permission to list their watches on the Advanced Survivor website. A full line of Luminox “Land” watches are available under our product section. All Luminox watches will ship directly from Joyce’s Jewelry, an “authorized” Luminox dealer.

Advanced Survivor gives a special thanks to Tom, for supplying the watch for field testing, as well as Blaine and the local college who allowed us to use their orienteering course.

Link to Recon NAV SPC-  Luminox Recon NAV SPC 8830-miles   or  Luminox Recon NAV SPC 8830- kilometers

Advanced Survivor Youtube Channel- Luminox Recon NAV SPC Review:

Look for Advanced Survivor in the Winter 2015 Issue of Off Grid magazine!

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