When we think of emergency food storage, we think of columns of stackable totes, stuffed full of oxygen-free, mylar pouches, occupying some remote aspect of our living space. We have peace of mind that they are there, but we are also flooded with hopes of never needing to tamper with their long term seals. But why do we view our investment with such a “hands-off” perspective? Yes, the food has a shelf-life of up to 25 years, but why have we established the mindset that it can’t be disturbed unless a crisis occurs?   I was once guilty of the same train of thinking.

The old saying goes, “Behind every good man, is a good woman.”   But today’s culture has a new version of a good woman.  Very few women have the opportunity to be housewives.  The modern woman wears many hats.  We are wives, mothers, co-workers, taxi-drivers (for sports, dance, music, etc…), house cleaners, chefs and the list goes on and on.  I’m sure you know the rest.  So, doing all of these duties well can become nothing more than a fantasy. One revolutionary solution that I found was on a day that I was called into work. Of course, that left the hubby home alone with our children.  Low on fresh groceries and out of a desperate concern for what was going to be dished out for lunch, my daughter chanted, “Why don’t we have eFoods for lunch?”  After a moment of thought, it was determined to be a great idea.  One that had not been thought of before.  Lunch was a hit and now eFoods is considered anytime we are scrambling for a quick, nutritious, hot meal.   We just replace the food as we remove it. So, challenge yourself to think outside of the box in regards to your food storage:

  • Experiment with different recipes.
  • Use the puddings to make dessert recipes.
  • Out of time? Cook up one of the pasta entrees and make a quick salad.
  • Add a few of the soups and entrees to your weekly meal planner.
  • Don’t feel like messing up the kitchen after a long day at work, one pot makes any of the soups or entrees.
  • Have left over chicken, toss it into the Cheesy Chicken Rice and top with cheddar.
  • Use the Au Gratin Potatoes as quick side dishes.
  • Buy some bread bowls and serve them full of Cheddar Broccoli soup.
  • Everyone has a cold, warm up some Chicken Noodle soup. Don’t forget the chocolate pudding for dessert (a favorite at my house).
  • Want to have family night, without pizza for once. Allow the kids to pick their favorite entrée.
  • And best of all, use it for unexpected company. They will think you were in the kitchen all day.
  • Bottom line. Use it when you”need” it. That is what you bought it for.

Well, I hope I have offered you suggestions that allow eFoods Direct to lessen your load, especially when you are in a pinch. I now view the “e” in eFoods Direct as emergency and everyday.    How about you?


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