The Advanced Survivor team attended the Morgantown 15th annual Outdoor Hunting and Fishing Show, on March 5th- 6th. It was great to see the faces of a lot of our old customers and make some new ones. We prided ourselves on offering some of the latest and greatest products from Adventure Medical, Wise Food and Body Armor

Here is a quick recap for those who could not attend:

We advertised our Spring Madness Special, offering the six-month family food kit from Wise. Order this kit anytime in the spring of 2016 and receive 15% off the cost and free freight shipping. We are direct dealers with Wise Food so all of our orders, drop ship straight to your door and have the newest born on dates.
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We also offered the traditional Wise Grab and Go black bucket of food. These waterproof buckets are sealed, are waterproof, and are great for stacking when purchasing food in large quantities. Each bucket contains 56 servings of breakfast and entrées. All food is packaged in Mylar pouches, which are also waterproof.
We offered the unique Wise Food, one month box, which feeds one person with food and drinks, for one month. These boxes can be easily stored under a bed or in the bottom of a closet.
For those who attended, you got to exam the contents of the 5-day Survival bag, from Wise Food. This is a pre-assembled Go Bag that would make a great addition to anyone’s vehicle. The bag supplies you with water pouches, food and basic survival essentials. This is the perfect item for college students or people who don’t have the time to research the contents of a good grab and go bag.
back pack
One of our new products from Wise Food, were the pouches of Wise Fire. Every camper, hiker, hunter, fisher, or sportsman should possess these convenient pouches. Its contents ignite very easily and can even burn when damp. It needs no other fuel source other than itself. The flame burns clean and chemical free making it safe to cook over. These individual pouches can be thrown into a backpack and carried for security.
Our team also demo’ed the brand-new Trauma Pak Pro, from Adventure Medical. This unique medical kit is designed specifically for you hunters. It conveniently straps through the loops of your belt or your backpack, for quick access. We received very positive feedback from lots of sportsmen concerning its convenience, compactness and necessity. Seems everyone was just as impressed as we were. This fold-up pouch contains a Quik Clot Bandage, the SWAT tourniquet, and some basic first aid supplies. The Quik Clot is designed to absorb the contents of blood, leaving only platelets at the wound site. This allows for the wound to clot much quicker. Advanced Medical individuals or a non-trained bystander can quickly apply the SWAT tourniquet properly, based on the visual instructions listed on it. When applied correctly, the SWAT tourniquet is three times as effective as direct deep pressure. The Trauma Pak Pro is cleaver and essential to every hunting trip or outdoor adventure. Everything you need to deal with a gun shot or puncture wound, is at your finger-tips.
pak pro
We enjoyed the show and meeting the various vendors that were there. We look forward to attending more shows in the future and offering the newest and greatest survival equipment to our loyal customers. Along with great deals!
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