As you well know, at Advanced Survivor, only research and test-proven inventory lands on our pages.   Long term emergency food, was no exception.   If we were to rely on a manufacturer to sustain our family’s and customer’s well being, during difficult times, the quality of the food and hopefully the taste would meet our standards.  We currently consume highly nutritious foods, and would except noting less from our food storage.   After narrowing the list of vendors, eFoods Direct was contacted, based on their Nutriversal Seal of Promise. This promise consists of:

  • No Hydrogenated Oil
  • No Trans Fat
  • Certified “OU” Kosher
  • No MSG
  • Vegetarian
  • Not GMO
  • Natural
  • Irradiation Free
  • Made in the USA
  • Extended Shelf-life
  • Oxygen-free Packaging
  • Date Stamped for Freshness

I found this list to be impressive! Along with these promises, eFoods Direct provides a wholesome food line that also accommodates gluten free diets. Now, completely satisfied with the food quality, it was time for the taste test. Would this be another “too good to be true” scenario?  Surely, this dehydrated food, sealed to last  for a quarter of a decade, that possesses all of the above promises, would set up like a brick during cooking and probably taste like one too.  After all, water is all you need to transform it into a masterpiece for your mouth.  Right?!?!  So, with slighted exceptions, the cook off began.  I started with the creamy potato soup.  To my surprise, my kitchen filled with a mouth watering aroma and the preparation was as convenient as boiling water.  Anyone can do that.  Now, time for the taste test.  Would the white chucks floating in the cream sauce really resemble the taste of a potato? Again, to my surprise, the taste actually exceeded the exceptions of everyone eating and as well as myself.   The sauce was as creamy as homemade and the potatoes showed no signs of once being dehydrated.  Thumbs up to eFoods Direct! So, based on my first success, I dove deeper into my tote. We sampled the tortilla soup, the chicken noodle soup and had their chocolate pudding for dessert.  All were outstanding! At just around $1 per serving, eFoods Direct had managed to supply me with quick-fix meals that satisfied my standards, my diet, my family, my taste buds and my wallet. For convenient long term food storage, eFoods Direct has surpassed the title of dehydrated food.   You should taste it for yourself.

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