As of October 3rd 2014, we can read, see, and hear that Ebola has indeed invaded our US borders.  It went from one confirmed case in Dallas, Texas, to having over 100 people quarantined for having contact with this patient, in just 3 days.  Miss information and confusion allowed this patient to be sent home, after initially seeking care, at a hospital.  Ebola doesn’t allow for mistakes.

I wondered how people were reacting to this Dallas, so I looked around the web to see if there was any news to that effect.  The good folks at the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), front page mind you, had a 3 minute video put together, “How is Dallas reacting to Ebola?”  They had traveled around Dallas and asked people if they were concerned with the Ebola case in their city?   One woman, had the right idea.  She said she was considering taking her child out of school until she could see how this was going to shake out.  Isolation, for both those effected and those who are not, is a viable consideration.

Over the next few days, I will continue following the Ebola virus.  During this time, I will share with you methods of precaution and ways to better prepare yourselves from what I’m afraid has become a real threat to the US.

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