First and foremost, if you have been riding the fence on whether or not you should start preparing for emergency situations, there is no better time to start than a new year. The new year motivates all of us to start fresh and raise the bar on something that we have been putting off. For most, this goal usually consists of our physical health in some fashion; either weight loss (unfortunately for most of us) and/or physical fitness in some form of exercise. But when we take a step back, and analyze our overall circumstances, we have far more than physical health to consider. If we are to have peace of mind concerning emergency preparedness, we need to look through a wider lens.

Get Fit- This is the time of the year that we focus on the Christmas cookies that have collected around our waist. Ask yourself if you are physically conditioned to provide and protect your family and yourself, in your current condition? I realize, that some can answer this question, “Absolutely!” If so, great! If not, take a moment now to form short and long term goals and a plan to execute them. Also, evaluate if you possess any bad habits, such as smoking, that could hinder your physical abilities in a survival situation.

Stockpile – Don’t let the thought of this become overwhelming. Start by inventorying what you have. That way, you will know what you need. Food and water are a great place to start. I recommend a balance between long term freeze dried foods and canned/processed foods, for your household. You will need to establish a rotation system for your canned/processed foods, to address expiration dates. The long term emergency foods are more worry free, with their 25 year shelf lives.

Have a Medical Stash- Medical emergencies can occur suddenly and without warning. Getting to the store or the emergency room may not be a viable option. Therefore, having comprehensive medical supplies, at your home, can help diffuse a crisis situation. Never under estimate your medical capabilities, when a loved one is in need of your help.

Get and Keep Sharp- Practice makes perfect, so therefore, perfect requires practice. Survival requires proficiency in some form of personal protection. So, choose a form of marksmanship or self defense and schedule regular practice. If needed, you will want these skills to be accurate.

Be Well Rounded- Everyone in your household should cross train in home protection, hunting, cooking, gardening, canning, fire starting, wood splitting, first ad, communications, and basic off grid survival skills. Don’t be a victim of “Gender Stereotyping” skills and tasks. Illness and/or injury can quickly damper your plans.

Well, the list could go on, but these five should keep you plenty busy in 2015. Stay focused, establish goals and keep your New Year’s Resolution alive the whole year.

Thank you for your support and partnership in 2014. The Advanced Survivor Team looks forward to continuing to advise and offer you with the best product lines we can find. We hope to provide you and your family with peace of mind in 2015.

Happy New Year from Advanced Survivor!

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